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zhejiang pentatomic science&technology inc. founded in 1993, is a state-level joint-stock high-tech enterprise integrating science and technology development, production and management as well as engineering and technical services with surface materials and engineering industries as the forerunner. Professional management of surface treatment materials, surface engineering equipment, energy saving and environmental protection materials and equipment development, design, manufacturing and technical services.

Center Introduction

zhejiang pentatomic science&technology inc. has a research and development base covering an area of more than 13,000 square meters in Hangzhou West Lake Science and Technology Economic Park, and an industrialization base covering an area of 46,091 square meters in Tongxiang Economic development Zone (Chemical Industry Zone), Zhejiang Province.zhejiang pentatomic science&technology inc. is one of the suppliers of surface treatment technology and products in China, and the vice president unit of China Surface Engineering Association. Vice president unit of Zhejiang Corrosion and Protection Society.

zhejiang pentatomic science&technology inc.'s surface treatment series of chemicals, complete classification, reasonable design. Whether steel, galvanized parts, aluminum and magnesium and other light metals, whether coating pretreatment, rust and wear resistance or plastic processing, can provide customers with efficient and practical, reliable quality, stable performance of professional solutions. Service in electrical appliances, machinery, building materials, automobiles, transportation, metal products and other industries.

Key Application Areas

It plays an important role in the surface treatment field of household appliances, industrial electrical, automobile, machinery, transportation and other industries.

Purpose of the enterprise:Create excellent quality, perseverance

Management objectives:Quality based technology; People oriented management; Operation to honesty; The product is the same inside and outside

The spirit of enterprise:Unity, integrity, pragmatism, dedication, dedication

Corporate values:Adhere to the three favorable principles, the state is favorable, obligation to pay taxes; Company favorable, sustainable development; Personal benefit, family happiness




zhejiang pentatomic science&technology inc. Science and technology Innovation Center and cooperative enterprises hand in hand